Rock Climbing in the Park

Sharing a post from Smartparks…


A theme for this blog is expecting more out of your park. Purpose-built climbing boulders are a great addition to parks and can even work as “functional art.” They meet most playground height requirements, do not require one to use ropes, harnesses, or climbing gear, fill a small footprint, and can be value designed towards a budget. They require a rubber mulch or other soft material of sufficient depth to cushion falls; however, as they are not very high, serious injury is unlikely.

One fun thing I like to do is try to work across the wall, rather than always try different problems to the top. A problem is a term used in bouldering to describe a particular path that a climber takes in order to complete the climb – much the same as a route in roped climbing. In climbing/bouldering gyms these different paths/routes are marked with different colors…

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