My desert photos appear in’s The Drive

One of my great loves is aviation. I’m also an avid, amateur photography. So it was really exciting when I was able to capture some unique aircraft in formation conducting a test out in the desert north of Mojave Air and Space Port. These aircraft in particular were the Scaled Composites Model 401s. Only two 401s exist in the world, and nobody really knows for sure what these stealthy aircraft are used for. They are quite rare birds! They were working with the Scaled Composites Proteus research aircraft. Nobody has photographed these aircraft in formation before. As you can imagine, I was doubly excited to have my photography and story featured in’s The Drive War Zone defense-interest webzine. A good day in the Mojave desert indeed!

Scaled Composites 401s in formation with the Proteus research aircraft

Northrop RQ-4 Global Hawk high overhead

A close up of one of the 401s landing

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