hans mountainJohn Wiley Graduate Award for Excellence Geography 2011

“Geography is the study of earth as the home of people” – Yi-Fu Tuan, 1991

Geographic Perspective | I define geography as the art and science of understanding and describing place; it is therefore fundamentally about making meaning of earth’s physical, biological, and cultural spatial characteristics. Geographic skills help us understand where we are, why “here” matters, and how “here” is similar and different from other places. My research interests generally fall under the broad umbrellas of spatial analysis and place interpretation, and include:

  • Urban and transportation geography
  • Land management
  • Wayfinding and branding
  • Placemaking and sense-of-place
  • Public space programming
  • Geographic information science (GIS)
  • Map making and design
  • Communicating with maps
  • Urban food accessibility
  • Environmental management
  • Mixed-methods research design
  • Geographic education

groceriesUrban Food Deserts | Is access to healthy food equal across socioeconomic groups in Austin? My directed research (like a thesis) investigated and answered this question using a mixed-methods approach including surveys, statistics, and GIS | Click here to view full text PDF | GIS Class Presentation on Food Deserts

PolarBear_450x450Environmental Geography | What do people imagine when conceptualizing climate change? This was my term paper for my environmental management class – which reminds me of research I have read on mental maps. | A Content Analysis of Online Climate Change Imagery in Popular Search Engines:A Mental Map of the End of the World


Environmental Hazards | This was perhaps my “best” early idea as a geography graduate student at Texas State. For many years (before Hurricane Katrina) the death toll associated with severe storms was declining due to to better early detection, warning communication, and public education/awareness. In 2006, using statistics and population density, I predicted that storm fatalities were nearing a critical bottom threshold, and would start to increase due to urban sprawl. Unfortunately, my research proved prophetic and this very topic has been on the news lately due to the 2011 Joplin Tornado (over 160 fatalities), and 2013 tornado outbreak across Oklahoma. The intensity, frequency, and coverage of severe weather does not have to increase for the likelihood of it impacting urbanized areas to greatly increase. | A Statistical Exploration of the Relationships Affecting Weather Related Fatalities and the Economic Costs of Selected Violent Weather Categories Utilizing 1950 – 2000 NOAA Data


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