Hans' ClassEveryday, I work hard to make this world a better place. But, just like LeVar Burton said on Reading Rainbow, “don’t take my word for it!”



Work ethic and professionalism | Hans’ personal, academic, and collaborative skills are noteworthy; he maintains a fun sense of humor. Dr. Kathryn Lee, Texas State University

City Planning | I am pleased to recommend Hans Friedel for a planning position. He started as a paid student intern in my office in June 2010, and was retained in a new part-time Associate Planner position after his internship ended and until his departure in August 2013. His knowledge and work performance far exceeded our expectations, as he exhibited comfort in handling a wide range of tasks. In particular, we were impressed with his GIS capabilities, and quality of research, writing, and public speaking. Dan Gibson AICP, City Planner

City Planning | Hans has been involved with a revitalization initiative and the Economic Development Department to investigate a Main Street concept for the historic central business district. He used social media to communicate and rally some 200 volunteers from the community creating… excitement and visual interpretations of his proposals. Ray Sanders, Mayor | Lockhart, Texas

Teaching | I highly recommend Hans Friedel as a candidate for a teaching position. I have worked with Hans in my position as a Teacher at Manor High School. Hans has a wonderful rapport with the staff and his students. Mr. Friedel has the ability to connect with his students and has demonstrated his awareness of different learning styles and has adequately adjusted the assignments to meet the varied needs of students. He has shown the ability to bring technology into the classroom. He is extremely organized… He has the skills of a seasoned teacher. Rey Rodriguez, Baseball Coach/Teacher | Manor High School

Teaching | Hans is a very capable teacher who possesses the natural ability to both engage and manage a large classroom of students. John Gloria, World Geography Teacher, Manor High School

Teaching | I have had a number of opportunities to work with Hans over the past two years. It is always a challenge to find a substitute teacher that can walk into a classroom that delivers quality instruction and is successful with behavior management. He has been very open about his excitement to become a teacher. He loves working with students and he is very good at communicating with adults. He works hard and has a love for learning. I would love to hire him. Michael Wakefield, Assistant Principal | Hutto ISD

Teaching | Mr. Hans Friedel has been student teaching in 11th grade U.S. History this Spring at Manor High School. In this time, I have seen Mr. Friedel develop his teaching skills in order to reach a diverse group of learners. In addition to honing his teaching skills, he has also managed to develop positive relationships with his students in a short amount of time… One of his most impressive developments is an online collaborative webpage for Manor U.S. History. Mr. Friedel has also embraced the AVID… He continually implements AVID strategies into his lessons, which push students to think at a deeper level… He will be a great teacher in any of the areas that he is certified in and will make a positive impact on any diverse group of learners. Laura Carlin-Gonzalez, Academic Dean, Manor High School

Geography | Working for TPWD in nature tourism will help me learn more about balancing the economic benefits and opportunities of wildlife tourism and sustainable hunting with the needs of the wildlife and the environment itself. Press Release, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

Geography | Hans has proven his dedication to geography. He is constantly asking thought-provoking questions, trying out new methods, helping fellow students, and pushing the boundaries of geographic thought. Cat Bennet, Imagine Lockhart

Geography | Hans was productive, inquisitive, and hard-working. He produced one of the best Master’s reports in the department of Geography. His report, Finding and Indexing Urban Food Deserts in Austin, Texas, Through Spatial Analysis and Place Interpretation, concerned food availability and quality in Austin and was novel in its approach and outcome. It is his wish to provide his data and findings to the City of Austin. Hans kept up his graduate 4.0 GPA and worked three jobs – at a hotel, as a substitute elementary and high school teacher, and as a planning intern at the city of Lockhart. He and three other Texas State students started Imagine Lockhart, a grassroots, community-based planning group in Lockhart that aims to inspire creative reuse, livability, and sustainability. David Parr, GIS Instructor, Texas State University


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